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    If you’re a homeowner, you certainly know what an eyesore it is to see your tree completely out of symmetry. To add injury, you even see your trees infested with disease. As a homeowner, you could not help but be anxious. 


    Whether your shrubs and trees are overgrown and encroaching on your land or you’re concerned about a sick tree, we offer our tree trimming service for you. As tree experts, we know that overgrowth is unsightly and can be a safety hazard. Dead, lopsided, or structurally unsafe trees may pose a danger to your life and property.


    Further, as reports show that Hickory consistently ranks among the best places to live in the US; it is but fitting to think about elevating your property’s appeal to keep up with the trend. And as the town nestles at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, trees around the area are expected to contribute to the picturesque view of the forest.


    Whatever your reason is, we take pride in our wealth of experience in tree trimming across Hickory, North Carolina, Catawba County. In order to encourage healthy development, our team of arborists can trim your trees.

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    We provide services to all of Hickory, North Carolina, Catawba County, and nearby areas


    Tree Trunk Removal in Peoria, Illinois

    Increases Direct Sunlight

    Trimming involves reducing dense clumps of branch and eliminating unneeded new leaves. By doing this, more parts of the tree receives direct sunlight, which promotes a more balanced and healthy growth.

    Improves Trees Symmetry

    Branches’ development patterns may be influenced by trimming especially if dense interior sections drain energy from nearby branches. A tree’s symmetry is improved as a result of trimming, which prevents irregular growths. Trimming also ensures a more uniform distribution of leaves.

    Gives Off Natural Lighting

    Trees that have a lot of leaves might make it difficult for the light to reach your garden or other parts of your house. You may guarantee that your garden receives the sunshine it needs while safeguarding your house from the sun’s harmful rays with frequent tree trimming.

    Enhances Your Property’s Appearance

    Trees that aren’t trimmed create an unkempt impression on your property, detracting from its aesthetic value. No matter how well you take care of your garden or how pretty your window boxes are, if you don’t take care of your tree, it will be an eyesore. Trimming your trees on a regular basis is an easy way to maintain your property’s appeal.

    Tree service arborist in Hickory removing tree limbs
    Tree Service Peoria, IL

    Points Out To Tree Diseases You May Not Know Of

    When you trim your trees, you can easily see if any diseases are affecting them. If you find a disease early, you can stop it from spreading and also tell a specialist what’s going on.Trimming can solve the issue of contaminated or infested branches that are decaying or dead.

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    You may think tree pruning and tree trimming are terms that can be used interchangeably, but NO. They are different. 

    Pruning is the process of getting rid of branches that are dead, diseased, or weakening the tree’s structure. Trimming a tree could be considered as managing or cutting overgrown trees. Trimming is commonly used to define taking care of shrubs and bushes in a garden. Both are horticultural terms, but they are often done at different times and with different tools.

    Any way you look at it, you’ll need a professional to trim and prune your trees. If you don’t know what you’re doing when you trim, your tree could end up with an odd shape, which could affect its structure and health in the long run.

    Our team of experts is ready to answer any questions you may have. No job or question has become too big or too small. Give us a call today or use this form to ask us a question. You can talk to one of our experts anytime!

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Common Tree Service Questions We Hear

    How much should it cost to trim a tree?

    On average, tree pruning services cost roughly $450. Determined by the size of the tree and the quantity of cutting required, most contractors charge between $200 and $800. 


    You should budget $400 or less for trees that are less than 30 feet. The price of mid-sized trees may range from 30 to 60 feet. A more reasonable goal is $800. Over 60 foot tall trees may cost closer than $1,500.

    NOTE: Some of the factors affecting the price include tree size, tree health, and the number of trees to trim.

    Is it cost – effective to cut down a tree or trim it?

    Yes, it is cost-effective to trim a tree than cut it. But there are factors that need to be considered, too. If the purpose is to enhance your property’s appearance, then, trimming is the way to go. However, if your tree is diseased, its removal is the cost-effective method because trimming a sick tree would only cost you more in the long-run.

    Can I trim the tree branches of my neighbor?

    It depends on the type of tree that is encroaching on your property. North Carolina is very serious on its Tree Protection Ordinances. This tree protection regulations are designed to preserve individual trees as well as community trees. Addressing protected trees on private and developing property, a permit should be attained- whether it is to be cut down, encroached on, or trimmed.

    If I cut off tree branches, will it hurt the trees?

    No, it will not hurt your trees. Expert tree trimming improves structural health, resulting in strong and healthy tree development. And when the tree is healthy, the benefits having them around your urban community in Hickory are undeniable. 


    To achieve these, we offer our expertise for you. We are the best tree trimming service across North Carolina. Contact us today and help your trees get what they deserve!